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Keep Your Vehicle's Contents Safe During Your Next Hotel Visit

Whether you're traveling on a shopping trip or you just have picked up a few items over the course of your vacation, you want to ensure that they stay secure when you stop for the night at your hotel. Although you might wish to take all these items into the hotel room with you, doing so is time-consuming and it can be tempting to leave them in your vehicle instead. If you opt for the latter approach, it's important that you take some precautions to ensure that your possessions remain safe until it's time for you to check out. Here are some easy tips to ensure the safety of anything left in your vehicle overnight.

Transfer Your Valuables To The Trunk In A Different Location

It's common sense to place your valuables in the trunk where they're away from prying eyes, but doing so after you've parked for the night isn't the best approach. For example, if someone is watching you with ill intent, you moving a bag from an electronics store from the back seat to the trunk only sends the message that there's something of high value in the trunk. Instead, relocate everything to the trunk when you're in a different location, such as the shopping mall. Then, when you arrive at the hotel, you simply will remove your suitcases and won't have to handle the valuables.

Find A Well-Lit Parking Spot

Parking in a well-lit area can increase the security of your vehicle and its contents. The front of the hotel is typically well lit, so do your best to find a parking spot in this area. These spots can often fill up quickly, so think about arriving at the hotel on the earlier side; if you check in later at night once most of the guests have arrived, there's a good chance that these prime spots will be taken. If you can't get a well-lit spot, a secondary option is a spot that is in a visible area, rather than out of plain sight behind the building.

Don't Leave Any Visible Evidence

It's not enough to simply stash all your valuables in the trunk. If there's evidence of your shopping, it's possible that someone could still target your vehicle. This means that you should make sure no bags, receipts or other items are visible inside the vehicle. For example, an errant bag from a high-end retailer, even if it's empty, could prompt a thief to break into the vehicle and access the trunk.