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5 Safety Tips When Staying At A Hotel

Staying at a hotel is definitely one of the safest options when traveling since hotels have security staff, locks, cameras, and more to help protect their guests. However, there are many safety measures to take into your own hands when you stay at a hotel to ensure you are definitely being safe during your travels. Here are five safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Consider a Higher Level Room: Staying on the first or second floor of the hotel can potentially make you vulnerable to theft or other dangers. This is because the windows and patio doors are more easily accessible. If you are able to request a room on the third floor or higher, then this is definitely the safest option. However, if this isn't an option, then just be sure that the doors and windows are securely shut when you go to bed and when you leave the room during the day. 
  2. Be Private When Checking In: When you check into the hotel, the staff is trained to keep your room information as private as possible mostly by not saying your room number too loudly for other guests to hear. When checking in you also don't want to discuss too much personal information with the staff because you never know who could be listening. If you are staying alone, for example, this should never be discussed. You also don't want to discuss your schedule while you are staying there because this gives someone information as to when you will be out of your room.
  3. Know Escape Routes: Besides just being wary of thieves, you also want to know how to protect yourself in the case an emergency, such as a fire. You should know at least three ways you can leave the building from your room. 
  4. Check the Peep Hole: When you stay at a hotel, of course you are going to expect cleaning services to show up at some point or hotel staff if you order room service. However, just because you are expecting this doesn't mean you should open the door whenever someone knocks. It's best to check the peep hole to be sure that you can identify whether or not it is staff that is knocking. 
  5. Use the Safe: When you bring along valuables, it's best to use the hotel safe in your room to keep them safe even if you are keeping your doors locked. You never know just how vulnerable your valuables may be, especially if someone saw you bringing these valuables to your room.

When you follow these safety tips when staying at a hotel, you can be sure that you are as safe as possible during your travels. Contact a business, such as The Breakers Hotel, for more information.