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No Laundry Facility In Your Hotel? Just Use Your Bathroom

Many hotels — especially those that cater to the extended-stay demographic — have laundry facilities for their guests to use. Other hotels do not, but the lack of a laundry room shouldn't dissuade you from staying at the hotel if its other amenities, price and location suit you. If you find that washing a few articles of clothing while you're on your trip would make your life easier, you can use your bathroom to get the job done. Here's how to proceed.

Things To Pack

If you expect that you'll be doing some laundry by hand during your trip, it's a good idea to have a few key items. A travel-sized bottle of detergent helps you avoid using a bar of soap (which may leave residue) for cleaning your clothing, while a stain-remover pen is always a useful thing to carry. Make sure to also carry a travel clothesline; it won't take up much space in your suitcase and will dramatically improve the ease with which you can dry your wet clothing.

How To Wash

You have the option of using the bathtub or sink to wash your dirty clothing; the former is more suitable when you're washing large items or a significant number of items, while the latter works for smaller things such as socks, underwear and T-shirts. Fill the tub or sink with hot water and add a few drops of your detergent, then place your clothing in the soapy water. Avoid overloading the water with clothing; it's better to do multiple small loads. Scrunch and knead the clothing with your hands from one side to the other.

How To Rinse

Wring out the clothing and then drain the soapy water from the tub or sink. Turn the shower on and hold your soapy piece of clothing in the spray. Continue to knead the clothing until the water running off it no longer contains soap suds. Squeeze the clothing to limit the amount of water it holds.

Hanging To Dry

Find a suitable place to hang your portable clothesline. There are many ideal locations in a hotel room, including connecting one end to the curtain rod and another to the bedpost. Once the line is securely fastened, simply hang your wet clothing items on it. Ideally, the clothing should not be dripping when you hang it. If it is, return it to the tub and wring it out more thoroughly. When dry, many articles of clothing will be ready to wear. Some, however, will need to be ironed, but you can use the iron that is typically located in the bathroom or a shelf near the door.

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