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3 Reasons To Host Your Wedding Reception At A Hotel

If you are currently looking for potential venues for your wedding reception, you might not have thought about hosting it at a hotel. However, this can be a great option for any wedding reception. These are a few reasons why you might want to consider a hotel conference room for your upcoming event.

1. Make Things Easy for Out-of-Town Guests

If you're going to be bringing in a lot of out-of-town guests, a hotel reception is ideal. Once your guests get to the hotel, you don't have to worry about giving them complicated directions in an unfamiliar city; they'll simply have to find the designated room within the hotel. It will also be easy for them to retire to their room after the big event, which is ideal for those who will probably already be travel-weary and who might be extremely tired after a day of drinking and dancing. As an added bonus, if you host your reception at the hotel's venue, the hotel might give you a discount on rooms for your guests, particularly if you rent out a block of rooms for multiple people.

2. Avoid Parking Issues

Although this isn't a concern with all venues, some venues really do not offer enough parking for guests. For example, if you host a backyard wedding, you have to worry about your neighbors getting upset about all of the guests parking up and down the street. If you choose a venue downtown, your guests might have trouble finding parking, and they may have to pay to park in a public lot or parking garage. With a hotel, however, you can often enjoy ample parking for all of your guests, right there at the venue.

3. Have Everything You Need in One Place

Many hotels have just about everything that you need under one roof, including a commercial kitchen and catering staff, a bartender and more. The venues are often already decorated, although you may want to add your own touches to make your day that much more special. Plus, since hotels often rent out their conference rooms for everything from weddings to big business conferences and more, they often have working relationships with area DJs, florists and more, even more so than smaller venues that cater specifically to weddings.

As you can see, a hotel can be a great venue choice for your upcoming wedding and reception. Consider shopping around for local hotels that offer conference rooms and other rental venues to find out if this is a good option for your big day.