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Three Easy Ways To Save On A Luxury Hotel Stay

Staying at a luxury hotel helps give your vacation a more upscale feel, providing you access to a host of amenities you might not enjoy otherwise. To make the most of your trip without hurting your wallet, you may want to look for a variety of discount options. With a bit of research and work, you can create a world-class experience for a fraction of the original cost. Here are some ways you can save on your next stay at a luxury hotel. 

Rewards Memberships

Many national hotel chains offer rewards memberships, which provide you with points you can use towards room upgrades or even free rooms. You may want to choose one chain you like a lot and stick to that company any time you book a room. With time and regular bookings, you can amass a number of points for future vacations. If you travel for business, try to make it a priority to book rooms with your preferred chain. When you're ready to go on a trip, look for a location that's home to a four-star or five-star hotel owned by your chain of choice. You can then use your points to book a suite at a discounted price or reserve a regular room for free. 

Room Packages

Room packages are bundles that hotels offer to add value to your stay, and luxury hotels offer a wide variety of these packages. Some might include a discount on fine dining while others might offer a free night after booking two or more consecutive nights in the room. Room packages can also consist of the following:

  • Discounted or free parking
  • Free breakfast each morning
  • Discounted tickets to local attractions
  • Spa service bundles
  • In-room perks, such as gift baskets 

Room packages may cost more than a traditional room booking, but they can save you money with the value of the discounts and services provided. Compare the costs of purchasing the services a la carte to the prices of the bundles to determine your overall savings benefits. 

Off-Peak Travel Discounts

Luxury hotels in certain areas might offer off-peak discounts, which provide you with the same access to great amenities at a lower price. Beachfront hotels, for example, might sell rooms at discounted rates during the winter months. Look for ski resorts to offer lower rates in the fall and spring when the weather is a bit warmer. You can also stay for cheap by booking your stay in the middle of the week instead of on the weekends. Having some flexibility with your travel dates can make it easier to stay at a luxury hotel without paying luxury prices. 

For more information on how to save at a hotel, contact a company near you.