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Road Trip with the Family: "Are All Hotels Pet-Friendly?" and Other Travel Questions

Will your pup come along for the ride on your summer-time road trip? If your family vacation includes the furriest members of your household, take a look at what you need to know about choosing and using pet-friendly hotels while you're on the road.

Are All Hotels Pet-Friendly?

No, not all hotels allow pets. According to a survey from the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), seventy-five percent of midscale, economy, and luxury types of hotels are pet-friendly places to stay. Even though this statistic shows that three-fourths of American hotels will welcome pets, another quarter won't. This makes it important to verify the hotel's pet acceptance policies before you book a stay.

How Can You Find Pet-Friendly Places to Stay on the Road?

You're traveling from state to state and need to find a safe, clean, comfortable place for your family (furry members included) to stay each night of your road trip. Unlike a one-destination vacation, this type of trip requires you to find, select, and book rooms in several different hotels.

Before your road trip begins, you will need to research hotels in specific city or town stops along the way. Map your route and choose overnight rest points. After you've selected cities/towns for your stops, you're ready to look for local hotels.

Read reviews from trusted travel sites or ask friends and family who have stayed in the area for references. Narrow down your search to the hotels in the best locations with the right amenities for your family. Many hotels will advertise that they are pet-friendly or list their pet acceptance policy on their website. If there's no information about pets online, call the hotel to learn more.

Does Every Hotel Accept All Pets?

You've found at least one pet-friendly option at each stop on your road trip. As the name implies, pet-friendly hotels are hotels that welcome pets. But each hotel may not allow every type, breed, number, or size of pet. Some hotels won't allow guests to bring larger breed dogs, or may put a limit on the number of pets you can have in one room.

How Can You Make the Stay Easier for Your Family?

You found a hotel at each stop that welcomes pets and has confirmed availability or booked reservations. Now you need to take the next step and prepare for your road trip. Even though the hotel can easily accommodate your human family, they may not have everything your pet needs. 

Bring a soft, easy-to-transport pet bed or your pet's favorite blanket. The familiar scent of the blanket may calm a nervous dog during your family's trip. Along with a bed or blanket, make sure you have food and water bowls, toys, and a leash or carrier. Avoid loud or squeaky toys. Even though the hotel welcomes pets, the constant squeak of your dog's favorite plaything might keep other guests up at night.