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Tips For Staying At An Airport Hotel Before An Early Flight

If you have to fly out early in the morning, staying at an airport hotel is a smart option. When you wake up in the morning, you'll be just minutes from the airport, so you can get ready to go in a hurry. Most airport hotels even have shuttle services that take you to the airport, so you won't have to worry about finding transportation. However, there are definitely a few tips you'll want to follow when staying in an airport hotel.

Look at the location prior to booking.

People generally assume that an airport hotel is located right next to the airport. Most are, but some are a bit further out. It largely depends on the airport location and how it is laid out relative to the city. Before you book a particular airport hotel, take a look at it on the map. Make sure the location is ideal for you, and that there are necessary amenities nearby, such as restaurants and a store or two.

Check the transportation schedule.

Most airport hotels do have an airport shuttle or bus, but you'll want to check the schedule and make sure it lines up with your flight times. For example, if a hotel offers a shuttle service beginning at 6:00 am but you have a 6:15 flight, you may need to find a different airport hotel. Some hotels have an on-demand shuttle. You simply ask them to take you to the airport when needed, and they drive you over. This is the very best, most flexible option if you can find it.

Call the hotel directly to book.

Rather than using a third-party booking site, call the hotel and book with them directly. The hotel may have rooms available that you cannot see or book on a third-party website. They may also be able to give you a better deal when you book directly. If you tell them what airline you are flying with, they can sometimes give you a discount on the room. Sometimes you may have to provide your flight number or itinerary to get a discount or to use the shuttle service, and booking directly makes this easier to navigate, too.

Staying in an airport hotel can make things so much simpler when you have to fly out the next morning. With the tips above, you are more likely to have a relaxing, satisfying experience at the hotel. Look for airport hotels near you or your destination to learn more.